The physical amount of nuclear waste

Nuclear waste has, for many years, seemed an almost insoluble problem, at least politically in the United States. But when seen in relative terms, the problem of nuclear waste starts to look very different. The physical amount of nuclear waste that would have to be managed and injected underground with a mojor carbon-storage program. All the nuclear waste generated by the entire civilian nuclear program would fill no more than a single football field[인용자 주: 120 yards * 53.3 yards = 109.3m * 48.7m = 5322.9m^2]to the height of ten yards[인용자 주: 9.14m]. By comparison, the output of CO2 from a single coal plant, put into compressed form, would require about 600 football fields--and that would be just one year's output. 

Daniel Yergin, The Quest, Chapter 20, Kindle location 6792

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