Pulp - Underwear

Why don't you close the door
And shut the curtains
You're not going anywhere
He's coming up the stairs
And in a moment
He'll want to see your underwear

I couldn't stop it now
There's no way to get out
He's standing far too near
How the hell did you get here
Semi-naked in somebody else's room
I'd give my whole life to see it
Just you --
Stood there
Only in your underwear

If fashion is your trade
Then when you're naked
I guess you must be unemployed, yeah?
'Cause once it's underway
There's no escaping
The fact that you're a girl and he's a boy


If you could close your eyes
And just remember
This is what you wanted last night
So why is it so hard
For you to touch him
For you to go and
Give yourself to him, oh Jesus!


Do do do do do....
Oh yeah
I want to see you
Want to see you standing in your underwear

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  1. 아...느끼해서 참 좋아하는 노래. 라이브로 저 빈궁한 면상을 보고있으니 불쌍해서라도 안주고는 못버티겠다.

  2. 기름 부은 마른 장작처럼 잘 타게 생겼지 자비스 코커.